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AKI-0816.03 (Выключатель 8-секционный, 8HP REG, 230VAC, 16 / 20A, C-нагрузка 200?F)

Характеристика: 8HP REG, 230VAC, 16 / 20A, C-нагрузка 200?F

Назначение: Выключатель 8-кратный

Файлы: MDT_DB_Schaltaktor_AKI_03.pdf

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  • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
  • Extensive function extension
  • Lockable manual operation and LED indicator for each channel
  • NO and NC contact operation
  • Status response at manually operation
  • Time functions (switch-on/switch-off delay)
  • Extensive staircase light and impulse functions
  • Extended logical and scene functions for each channel
  • Extended status functions (inverted, cyclic, at block)
  • Treshold switch (Byte/2Byte/2Byte float)
  • Hour meter for switching
  • Priority/forced operation with automatic release time
  • Separate power supply terminals for each channel
  • Power supply via KNX bus
  • Quick application download (long frame support for ETS5)
  • 3 years warranty

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